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Kitchen Re-Do You Can Do

Sustainable Home Renovation from Go Gingham

House re-do projects are expensive and kitchens seem to cost the most. The cost for kitchen renovations can range from $5,000 to $100,000. If your kitchen budget is less, consider these alternatives. They require more creativity but give you a unique kitchen without the cost. You’ll save money and resources.

Sustainable Home Renovation from Go Gingham
Kitchen cabinet doors that were found, painted and added. Total cost – $18.00

Kitchen Re-Do You Can Do

  1. Replace :: replace kitchen cabinet doors. Look at architectural salvage stores for glass doors and replace.
  2. Add :: add trim and paint background a different color to add visual interest.
  3. Swap :: trade out dated looking knobs and pulls for classic styles.
  4. Paint :: paint cabinets rather than replacing. Many old cabinets are made of solid wood. Use a primer first and then paint.

Sustainable Home Renovation from Go Gingham

Kitchen renovations don’t have to cost a fortune. Spending less money means you’ll have to be more creative but it’s worth it.

How have you renovated a kitchen to keep costs down?

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3 thoughts on “Kitchen Re-Do You Can Do

  1. We just completed a kitchen renovation this past fall–we sprang for new cabinets/countertops, etc. Our house had previously been owned by renters and, sadly, renters don’t always treat spaces respectfully, so painting/refacing our cabinets wasn’t an option. You have some great suggestions for freshening up a space. Something very inexpensive that we did for a backsplash was to use beaded board (like you have in your cupboards!) and I LOVE it. I think it was maybe $30 for our whole kitchen and it covers some ugly gouged walls as well as the electrical cords for my new under-cabinet lighting. Another option for people considering updating their space–Rustoleum has products out for refreshing your cabinetry and countertops. I haven’t personally tried them but it might be looking into if your kitchen is in basically good condition and you just want to give it some cosmetic appeal.


    1. Kris, these are great additional tips!
      Our bead board is actually paneling that we cut to size. Since it was just for looks, we didn’t go with the good stuff.
      I have used the Rustoleum products for painting appliance parts and it has worked very well. It’s amazing what a little paint can do!
      Thanks for your input, Kris. 🙂


  2. Our bead board is the same–I read somewhere online that traditional beadboard doesn’t always work well in certain applications because of its tendency to expand and contract. Plus, this was easy and oh so cheap.


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