Inspiration for Organizing Clothing

Upcycled dress = top + skirt from Go Gingham
My closet has several upcycled projects, too.

Because the “52 weeks of home organization project” is centered around having less stuff, I’m planning to pare down what’s in my clothes closet. That thought has me cringing about parting with several Laura Ashley dresses from the 1980’s – not that I’ve worn them since the early 1990’s – but when it comes to clothing, the sentimental reasons for keeping items have always outweighed the practical.

What I decided I needed was inspiration. And to start with our coat closet – instead of my actual clothing closet – for practice.

Fresh from the library with a stack of books on style and color, I’m getting inspired. Because these books are helping – and have me wondering how many clothes we actually need – I thought I’d share them. Each one is useful, has a good tip or two, and most all confirm what the other is saying.

Inspiration for Organizing Clothing

  1. “Color Me Younger” [amazon_link id=”B002NPCSFK” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Color Me Younger[/amazon_link] is by far my favorite. The simple truth is that our bodies change and so do our clothing needs. This book has color swatches, combinations, and tips on how to look your best at any age. While I think of myself as forever 22-years-old, I’m starting to look at what the color suggestions are for women in their 5o’s. I’m not trying to age myself (Lord knows!) but according to my driver’s license, I’ll be 48 on my next birthday!
  2. “Reinvent Yourself with Color Me Beautiful” [amazon_link id=”1589792882″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Reinvent Yourself with Color Me Beautiful: Four Seasons of Color, Makeup, and Style[/amazon_link] is an updated version of the original theory that each of us is a different “season”. Updated with the “warm or cool” concept and understanding a wardrobe palette.
  3. “Tim Gunn’s Fashion Bible : The Fascinating History of Everything in Your Closet” [amazon_link id=”1451643853″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible[/amazon_link] yes, Tim is on my side that everything in my closet has a history but I’m not sure that means I should hold onto it! Full of sass and history, I find something interesting in the book every time I pick it up.
  4. “You Know You Want It: Style-Inspiration-Confidence” [amazon_link id=”030746458X” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]You Know You Want It: Style-Inspiration-Confidence[/amazon_link] – yes, don’t we all want that? While the fashions seem more aimed at my teenage daughter, the style and shapes are timeless.
  5. “Always in Style with Color Me Beautiful” [amazon_link id=”1426019610″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]Always in Style: The Complete Guide for Creating Your Best Look[/amazon_link] is a good place to read about the “color me beautiful” theories – if you haven’t already. The fashions are outdated but the theory that not everyone should wear the same shade still holds true.

That’s the stack of books I’m reading to get inspired for the big closet clean out project. Check them out from the library.

What inspires you when tackling a big project?

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3 thoughts on “Inspiration for Organizing Clothing

  1. Um, yeah, so I’m old enough to have actually had my “colors done” back in the day. I have to say … it was really on-target and I still veer toward those colors (I’m a “winter”) because, well, they look best on me.

    I love fashion but it can be a tricky line between looking attractive and current versus looking like you are trying too hard.


    1. Kris, I agree with you that the “colors” and the seasons have a method to their madness!
      I was wrong about my color for a bit – self diagnosis!! Thought I was a “summer” but it turns out I’m a spring. It opened my eyes and made sense – LOL!
      Thanks, Kris. I may need a picture of you so I can picture you being a winter 🙂


  2. I’m a bit freaky about privacy so I don’t even have a facebook account. Sometimes I think about starting a blog but it seems like work …

    I have very dark, almost black, hair and a very pale complexion which I was sad about when I was young due to the non-tanning aspect of it but I’ve come to realize that my lack of sunbathing has resulted in fewer wrinkles–bonus. 🙂


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