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Home Organization Project 13

Home Organization Weekly Project #13 from Go Gingham Office supplies

This week’s home organization project was forced upon us because we had to I wanted to clear out the office (formerly known as “The Lincoln Bedroom”) for the mini-redo. Our ‘office’ is a very small bedroom on the main floor of our 1914-bungalow. We I wanted to give it a new look and get a desk – and stop using the dining room as an office.

Once we gathered all of the offices supplies onto the dining room table from the office closet, drawers, and basement, it became painfully clear that we never need to buy another file folder or hanging file folder for the rest of our lives. Seriously.

Home Organization Weekly Project #13 from Go Gingham Office supplies
I rounded up jars and baskets to organize and decorate with.

I am to blame for this. Every time I’m at a garage sale, file folders are practically free! So I get a box – or 2. Oh – and don’t forget the ‘free’ pile where I picked up 2 boxes of each, recently. Estate sales are another hot spot to get file folders – and I do. Stashed under the day bed in the office, in the drawers, and of course the basement where we have – more file cabinets – there were so many boxes! Calgon–take me away!!

Home Organization Weekly Project #13 from Go Gingham Office supplies

Because Brad, my husband, and I are both self-employed and work from home, there’s no escaping the need for office supplies, but after rounding everything up, it was plain to see that we’re set – for a bit. Except pens. I love pens and if there’s a new Mr. Sharpie color – it’s going in my Christmas stocking!

Home Organization Project 13

  1. This week’s project. Office supplies.
  2. Combine and sort. After going through the office closet, drawers, and basement stashes of supplies, we put everything on the dining room table and sorted – and tested all of the cords.
  3. Bag it, baby! We did sort through all of the cables, plugs, VHS/VCR cords, phone wires, extensions – what do these cables and plugs actually get attached to?! When I worked for Polo/Ralph Lauren corporate – years ago – I had an office at home. Many of the supplies and gadgets from that era – and that ended in 1997 – were still in the drawers. Everything that didn’t have a purpose got donated.
  4. Clean sweep. The drawers are so empty now it feels strange. The office is so much lighter – partly because we painted – but also because there’s less stuff. It looks good and the breathing room feels good.
  5. Less is more. We don’t need many decorations in the new office – since I’m decorating with the supplies! We all agreed that we I have to be very picky about what ‘free’ items I bring home with me. No more file folders!
Home Organization Weekly Project #13 from Go Gingham Office supplies
Instead of sticking this stuff in a drawer, we’re using it to decorate with.

And so, this madness continues! I’m in the midst of several clean-outs. Music – as in piano books and sheet music – is getting done next. It’s all over the dining room table and I’m sorting through it with my piano players soon. The sewing studio is in an absolute state of chaos so I’ve got that to look forward to. We’ve got the garage and our basement “tool room” scheduled for this summer – those will take a few Fridays. I still haven’t done my closet but I’ve hired my brutally honest 15-year-old daughter to help me. She has wonderful taste and doesn’t mince words. Hmmmm…..who does she get that from?

How are your home organizing antics coming along? Are you wishing it was week #52 already, like me?

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3 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 13

  1. I have a 12 x 12 room in the front of the house. It is the office + there is a recumbent bike in here. I would like to move it, but DH watches the computer monitor while using it.

    I am contemplating doing the “40 Hangers” project for my closet. I don’t need nearly the amount of clothes that I have.


  2. I found the top of my dresser recently and have another box for Goodwill. Then comes maintaining the work I’ve done to sort through things …


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