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It’s Salad Month, Let’s Have a Party!

Earthbound Farm Go Gingham Twitter Chat Party

Hi friends! I’m on my way to Earthbound Farm’s headquarters – if  you hear a plane overhead, wave! – Earthbound Farm and I are co-hosting a ‘Twitter Chat Party’ that’s all about salads! You can join in the fun right from the comfort of your home – or wherever you are – by following along on Twitter. Follow these: Earthbound farm is here and Go Gingham is here. You can also search for the hashtags #SaladMonth and #OrganicBound and you’re at the right place!

Can’t wait to join @earthboundfarm @GoGingham for a Twitter Chat Party! Wed. 5/14 @ 4pm PST #SaladMonth #OrganicBound

What’s a Twitter Chat Party? Good question! It’s a conversation on Twitter that’s fast-paced, is full of information, and has questions to answer. The questions are easy – I made them up so I know this for a fact. And there are prizes! Get inspiration for ingredient pairings, time saving tips, and favorite dressings. Plan to answer questions and you could win prizes, too! No need to RSVP – just join in the fun! Chat soon!

Let’s chat! ~ Wed 5/14 at 4pm PST dressings, greenery & taste with @earthboundfarm! #saladmonth #organicbound #prizes

While I’m in Monterey, California (close to Earthbound Farm and the farm stand and their growing fields/headquarters), I’ll be attending ‘Cooking for Solutions.’

What’s ‘Cooking for Solutions? Good question! It’s a 3-day food event that’s sponsored by the Monterey Bay Aquarium to inspire conservation of our oceans. Culinary leaders, celebrity chefs, and personalities – all who actively support sustainable cuisine – will be there. (Find out exactly who’ll be there by clicking here.) It should be lots of fun – and of course – lots of good food! Follow along on Instagram if you’d like.

Don’t worry, I’ll have “Home Organization Project 19” all ready for you on Friday. I’m sorting through my jewels today. If you know me, you know that won’t take long! How long will it take you?

Once back, Brad and I are celebrating my 48th birthday (true – according to my driver’s license) by running a half-marathon. It’s Brad’s first and it’s been 13+years since I’ve run one so I’m sure we’ll be racing for the ice packs once we cross the finish line!

Here’s a chart of salad greens for you. Consider this your ‘cheat sheet’ for the Twitter Chat Party! Chat soon!

Greens Chart Resource from Earthbound Farm
Greens Chart Resource from Earthbound Farm

Hope you’re having a good week and enjoying sunshine and blue skies!

What are you up to this week? Ever been to a Twitter Chat Party?

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  1. I’m hopeful I’ll get home in time to participate. Sounds like fun. We should do one on budget travel together sometime! Enjoy the trip!


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