Home Organization Project 19

Home Organization Project Week #19 from Go Gingham

This was an easy home organization weekly project clean out for me. It’s jewelry week and I needed an easy week. After the last few weeks, all this de-cluttering and reducing has worn me out! Plus, I’m gearing up for the garage, basement, and my sewing area. Those areas are major and may require several weeks of updates. I’ve also decided to organize a garage sale on my block which I swore I wouldn’t do. Oh well.

For me, there aren’t many jewels – aside from my wedding and engagement rings. Okay and a pair of earrings but basically that’s it. My style is pretty basic and simple.

Home Organization Project Week #19 from Go Gingham

That’s why it’s easy for me to home swap – I don’t have a lot of jewels or precious items. Well, the people who live here are my treasures, but that’s it.

Home Organization Project Week #19

  1. Weekly. This week’s project: Jewelry.
  2. Small. This was small. I feel like I’m still recovering from my closet clean out – ok, I know I said that last week but I’m scrambling to get out of town here!
  3. Clear and clean. Yes, everything is getting a thorough once over from my lovely assistant – my daughter. I’m keeping items that I’m emotionally attached to, but the rest – and especially things I haven’t worn in years, are out of here.
  4. Get set. For me, I wear the same items and that’s what I like. Jewelry isn’t my thing – really – cashmere sweaters – yes! my thing!
  5. Pack it out. Maybe sell at my garage sale? Maybe just giveaway? Not sure but I’ll find someone for items to go to.
  6. Stop buying. This is less of a problem because ‘gift giving’ has really slowed down in my life. I like poems recited to me for my birthday and vegetable gardens planted. That’s it. Tears and food – that’s what I like.
  7. Less is more. Less is more except maybe diamonds. Look, if my husband came through the front door with diamonds, I’d accept them with open arms. In our current stage of life – college on the horizon and self-employment today – that’s not likely to happen.

Maybe you have more jewelry than me and maybe not. Make this an easy week. We’ll get back to tackling a harder area next week, right?

Are you a jewelry person or not? How’s your weekly home organization project coming along?

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5 thoughts on “Home Organization Project 19

  1. Ooooh, you have some pretty pieces, Sara.
    I do like jewelry. I tend to wear more costume jewelry than actual jewels. Pieces of costume jewelry are like scarves to me. Most of my wardrobe is basic looking. But I add a piece of costume jewelry and/or a scarf, and my outfit looks new and fresh.


  2. I’m ahead of you! Well, probably not, but I DID go through my jewelry a few weeks ago. I still have the “get rid of it” box on my dresser. I really don’t know what to do with it. Like you, I’m also not a jewelry girl although I’ve been trying to step up my accessorizing the past few years. And I do love earrings–since I keep my hair short, it’s a way for me to feel girly. My only “good” jewelry are a few (very minor!) pieces my husband has purchased as gifts.


  3. Sara, you can sell gold jewelry. Check with a reputable jeweler, or there are free-standing businesses here that will buy. Personally, I have not tried this.
    I have been buying semi-precious stretch bracelets lately, but have plenty now. These I wanted to change up the look of my watch, which I have had for about 20 years.


  4. I have LOTS of jewelry, most of it inexpensive, but I like it for the same reason as Lil- – you can change up a whole outfit easily with just one piece of jewelry. It’s especially handy for traveling – instead of bringing along a second shirt, you bring along a second necklace which takes up a lot less room! I mentioned I was thinking about doing the 333 project, and although I’ve cleaned out my closets, I haven’t completely gotten down to 33 items, and when I think about limiting my jewelry as part of that, I really doubt I’ll ever actually get there. My clean closet feels fabulous, though, I will admit that! Enjoy your week or your weekend!


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