Green Living Tip 4 {Hang Laundry}

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Today’s green living tip: hang laundry to dry. Think laundry dried on the line means it’s going to be hard and crunchy? Try tossing it into the dryer for 10-minutes and then hang it. A short spin in the dryer, first, before hanging,  removes lots of wetness. Many clothing items are practically dry with only 10-minutes. Hanging the clothing after 10-minutes (or less!) in the dryer makes it look like your items have been ironed, too, even when they have not. (Follow this tutorial for how to hang laundry on lines.)

Wondering how to hang laundry when it’s rainy or snowy? Laundry lines don’t have to be placed outside. Look for room in the basement or a garage. Drying racks that can be collapsed when not in use are a good alternative for an apartment or smaller homes. Once your laundry lines are in place, this is an easy routine. Just keep a timer nearby so you don’t forget to get the laundry out! (Follow this tutorial for hanging laundry lines in a basement.)

Green Living Install Laundry Lines Go Gingham

Hanging clothes to dry uses less energy because the dryer isn’t running nearly as long, the clothing lasts longer, and it looks like you’ve pressed them with an iron. Fewer resources and looking neatly pressed? Yes, please!

Do you hang your laundry to dry? What’s your laundry routine?

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4 thoughts on “Green Living Tip 4 {Hang Laundry}

  1. My dad built our house 58 years ago and our laundry room is in the middle of the house in a bathroom, hence, no dryer vent. 🙂 So we have hung our clothes this way all along. Growing up, hanging the clothes up was one of the chores (and ironing too, lol). And being in FL, you would be surprised at how fast they get dry. Honestly, the mosquitos are so bad around here that we hang them in doors all the time. We do have a clothes line, but just don’t want be carried away by the bugs, lol. 🙂


  2. Due to heavy pollen and the threat of blowing dirt, I will only dry indoors. I have a collapsing rack that I put over the bathtub; mainly used for sweaters.


    1. Very smart, Karen! No need to get your clothes dirty after they’ve been cleaned.
      Honestly, drying the clothing inside is a LOT less work for me than outside. No lugging the wet stuff out of the house!
      Thanks, Karen 🙂


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