Green Living Tip 5 {Combine Errands}

Combine errands and drive less Go GinghamToday’s green living tip: combine errands. This is an easy way, although it requires a little forward thinking, of going gentler on the environment. Combine your errands to drive less. Who doesn’t want to spend less time in the car? (Here’s how to we’ve saved money on transportation costs.) I know I do!

Start simply by thinking about the week ahead. What is needed for groceries? Do I need to stop by the post office? How about a Costco run? (I love Costco – I hate Costco – oh wait – find out why.) Once you make a quick study of what needs to get done, group errands by geography to combine 3 trips into 1 or 4 trips into 2.

By putting off errands that can wait and grouping them together, it ends up saving time, money and the environment.

How do you try to drive less? Do you try to combine errands, too?

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5 thoughts on “Green Living Tip 5 {Combine Errands}

  1. I like it that organizing my trips saves me time! It’s win-win–I save time, money, energy usage, wear-and-tear on the car … I have my “Tuesday run” (if I’m not working) in which I hit up Aldi, the bank, the library, get my 94 cent latte splurge, and sometimes I can even include getting a haircut in this run. I live pretty close to a shopping district, but my Tuesday run is a little bit farther out of my way. Combining errands on this day is sooo helpful.


  2. I love to see how many errands I can combine into one trip. It’s like a little (dorky) game. I also try to see how many errands I can fit into one walking trip on my day off. It gives me some exercise in addition to getting things done, and I’ve found it can even save me money. If I am carrying my groceries home in my backpack, you can bet I am not doing very much impulse buying. Of course you have to live in a walkable neighborhood for this one to work, so it’s not an option for everyone, but since it is for me, I try to take advantage.


  3. I’m a big fan of combining errands. Even better if I can combine it with a visit with friends or family! For instance, yesterday I combined a trip across town to the used bookstore to trade in some old books, the cobbler to repair some hiking boots, Goodwill to donate some old unused items and buy a desktop organizer, and the tennis court and brewery for some quality time with a buddy. I also managed to avoid driving during rush hour which saved additional time and gas (and prevented some serious stress!)


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