Green Living Tip 16 {Drive Less}

Green Living Drive Less + Ride Bikes Go Gingham

Today’s green living tip: drive less. Commit to driving less. Look for alternative transportation options. Car sharing and bike riding are both alternatives that make sense for the environment. Bike riding can also be a great way to get in shape and stay that way while commuting.

Public transportation and carpooling are also options to consider. We don’t all have to own cars and drive them everywhere. Look for ways to walk, bike ride or share. (Here are ways to reduce transportation costs.)

Green Living Drive Less + Ride Bikes Go Gingham
Our family on a bike ride during a home exchange. We shared our houses and our bikes!


While driving less can mean you’ll save more, there’s no real financial savings in keeping your car and using public transportation. To actually realize the savings, you need to actually get rid of your car. Think about car sharing as an option to owning. With car sharing and bike riding, you’ll save on both the environment and get exercise.

How do you drive less? Do you ride your bike or walk places?

Go Gingham Earth Month:

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Green Living Go GinghamYou’ll find simple and easy ideas to implement at your home – and they’ll save money as well!

4 thoughts on “Green Living Tip 16 {Drive Less}

  1. I wish we had bike trails where I live–I love to ride, but I live on a main road and people sometimes drive like maniacs. Bike riding is an exercise that feels like fun, not work. 🙂 BTW, the occupational therapist in me applauds your family’s use of bike helmets.


    1. Kris, I know what you mean about bike trails vs. busy streets for riding! Street bike riding really stresses me out – which is not what’s supposed to happen when bicycle riding!
      It’s a law in our state that under 16-year-olds must wear helmets but it also makes good sense. My bike helmet has a tag line on it that says, “I love my brain.” And, I do!
      Thanks, Kris!


  2. I walk a total of 4 miles to & from work rain or shine. It gives me a chance to get my blood moving in the morning and unwind on the way home.
    Not using the car as much does save on wear and tear and gas so there is some cost saving.


    1. Wow, Meg, way to go on all that walking!! I’m completely impressed 🙂
      Walking does get your blood going. I miss walking with my kids to school every day when they were little. We practiced spelling words and multiplication tables – and other school lessons. They arrived at school ready to learn and I was happy for the extra workout!
      Thanks, Meg. Great job on the walking!


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