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5 Tips for Green and Healthy Holidays Without Going Broke

Green and Healthy Holidays Go Gingham

The average cost of Christmas spending is up to about $800 this year. That is a staggering amount of money for one season. How can you have fun and be festive during the holidays but not go broke? First, think sustainable when giving gifts. Next, follow these 5 tips for enjoying the holidays while being green and healthy. Added bonus? They all save money, too.

Green and Healthy Holidays Go Gingham

  1. Game night :: Charades, anyone? What about Taboo? Apples to Apples? Yes, it’s called game night and playing a fun game with friends doesn’t cost a thing. Serve our very favorite brownies – Betsy’s Best Brownies – and a little cup of ice cream. Nothing is tastier. {Here’s our family’s list of favorite games.}
  2. Go natural :: Use decorations from outdoors to decorate. Decorating with nature is free – and my favorite! Everything looks pretty in a vase or bowl. Best part? When you’re done into the compost bin it goes. {Here are sustainable holiday decorations.}
  3. Box wine :: Before the wine snob in you turns up your nose at this, just try it. Less waste, no cork, recyclable packaging – and a great value! Check out Franzia wine – I like the white and my husband likes the cab sav.
  4. Make popcorn :: Packaged organic popcorn from the store is a big waste of money – and packaging! Buy popcorn by the pound in the bulk section and spend a fraction of the cost on the bulk than on the already popped packaged stuff. Flavor it however you’d like. I like Bob’s Red Mill organic popcorn (from the bulk bin section, of course!) and when it goes on sale, we stock up. {Here’s how to make popcorn without a microwave.}
  5. Have a potluck party :: It’s a busy time of year so don’t wear yourself out by doing everything. Enjoy the holidays and have a potluck party! Invite friends, assign dishes and/or recipes and have a party! We love potluck parties so much we have a potluck dinner group based on rotating houses and contributing dishes and drinks. Don’t let cost or the idea of too much work stop you from entertaining – share instead. {Here’s how to start a potluck dinner group.}

Christmas Decorations Advent Wreath Go Gingham

The holiday season doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Follow these 5 easy tips and not only will you have zero regrets when the season is over (and when the credit card statement arrives!) but you’ll have had fun, too. Don’t get caught up in the frenzy. Slow down and have a glass of wine – from the box, of course.

Green and Healthy Holidays Go Gingham

Having fun with family and friends, enjoying more, wasting less, eating healthy foods and snacks – and saving money. These are all my favorites!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy the holidays and save?

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3 thoughts on “5 Tips for Green and Healthy Holidays Without Going Broke

  1. Is your tree-topper star a family heirloom?

    Great ideas. I love decorations from nature. They don’t look out of place if you leave them out into January (taking down decorations is not my favorite thing to do!).

    Merry Christmas, Sara!


    1. Oh, Kris, you are so kind about that tree-topper! You do realize that’s a toilet paper roll inside and a tracing of a star from our backyard. 🙂 Yes, family heirlooms come in all shapes and sizes!
      And, I’m with you on the taking down of decorations. Not very fun but totally necessary. We actually leave up red lights and trot out the Valentine’s day stuff. Can’t be without festive lights for too long!
      All the best to you for the New Year and Merry Christmas!!


      1. Too funny. Your star reminded me of the one my family had when I was a kid, although ours lit up. No toilet paper roll for us–ha! I have some of my grandmother’s ornaments–to keep them in good shape, I display them in glass vases and place them on our mantel. The kids are old enough to be careful around the tree, but who knows what ideas my cat will get in his little furry brain. 🙂


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