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Rinse Aid Alternative for Dishwasher

When my new dishwasher was installed, it came with a feature I hadn’t bargained for: a flashing red light. The flashing red light was telling me I needed to add a rinse aid and no matter what I did, it wouldn’t stop flashing. For a moment, I considered returning the dishwasher. Honestly, the last thing… Continue reading Rinse Aid Alternative for Dishwasher

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Ranger Cookies That Are Welcoming

  A new family just moved into our neighborhood and I just delivered a plate of these ranger cookies to them. Nothing says, “Welcome to our street,” like a plate of homemade cookies, does it? They’re a young family, with two small children, and all of the teenage babysitters on our block are doing a… Continue reading Ranger Cookies That Are Welcoming


How to Make New Candles from Old Candles

“In case you ever want to live off the grid,” was the answer I gave my 15-year-old son as the reason he should make candles with me. As you can imagine, this was met with a jaw-dropping, wide-eyed dazed look that comes from a teen who would like nothing better than to be plugged-in and… Continue reading How to Make New Candles from Old Candles