Le Creuset and Bonne Maman Giveaway

Let's get this Four-Year Blog Anniversary Party started, shall we?   How about a giveaway with Le Creuset and Bonne Maman? Yes, please! The giveaway has ended. Thanks to all who entered. Here's what one lucky winner will win: three each, 13-ounce jars of assorted Bonne Maman (retail value = $13.50) + a 3 Quart… Continue reading Le Creuset and Bonne Maman Giveaway

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Home Organization Project 25

After the blow-out yard sale we had last week, I needed an easy project for this week's home organization project. The sale went well - in case you were wondering - not that we made loads of money - but we got rid of almost everything. Almost is the key word because Brad conveniently priced… Continue reading Home Organization Project 25


Getting Kids to Write Thank You Notes

If you want another holiday miracle to happen at your house – getting kids to write thank you notes – then read on. Admittedly, it has taken years of beating the thank you note drum but it finally paid off. Last year, by 10am on December 26th, all thank you notes had been written, signed,… Continue reading Getting Kids to Write Thank You Notes