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Trading Cars During a Home Exchange

When home swapping, many times the exchange involves trading cars as well. When you don't have rent a car while on vacation, that's another big money saver while traveling! With cars, insurance follows the car and having a home exchange partner drive your car is the same as letting a friend borrow your car. Only… Continue reading Trading Cars During a Home Exchange

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Costa Rica Travel: Eco-Tourism

For being such a small country, Costa Rica is amazingly ecologically focused. From unlittered roads, to restaurants and hotels - both large and small - each with a full complement of recycling bins. These outward signs, along with more than a quarter of the land area in the country designated as protected, both reserved as… Continue reading Costa Rica Travel: Eco-Tourism

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Holiday Dinner Group Gathering

Here's an easy formula for frugal living and entertaining - dinner group. Good food + good friends = dinner group. It's always good fun - and doesn't break any budgets! Rotate hosts, rotate homes, and rotate who's bringing what and you've got dinner group. Find some friends - 8 people is a good number -… Continue reading Holiday Dinner Group Gathering

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Would You Like to Travel to Costa Rica?

Each day, when I open my business email in-box, I never know what to expect. Most days, I look at the email messages and delete 99% of them without answering - but I always read them – every single one of them, because I never know who is going to pitch me something good or… Continue reading Would You Like to Travel to Costa Rica?


Happy Three Year Anniversary Go Gingham

Yes, today is the day that three-years ago I pressed “publish” for the first time. With 522 published posts and no thoughts of slowing down, I thought I’d share a few insights of what keeps me going and what’s been exciting this year. On being passionate… Sharing what I love and am passionate about -… Continue reading Happy Three Year Anniversary Go Gingham